5 Awesome Apps for Indoor Cycling

Everyone knows that the bike riding is one of the best ways to lose weight. You do not always have a time to take your bike outside. It does not mean you can't train indoors. So, in this article we are going to provide you the 5 apps which help you to get more out of your indoor cycling sessions: 1.The Sufferfest When the stormy weather puts a restraint on your outdoor … [Read more...]

Udemy Courses Free Download To Pc

Introduction To UDEMY courses Free Download : UDEMY website, the video encyclopedia of unlimited number of courses which are available for free and paid. Best thing is that we can get the quality content from the free courses of UDEMY. Most of the websites doesn't provide the quality, if the videos or any tutorials are provided for free. So, We can get the quality from … [Read more...]

How to download paid android apps for free

Want to know how to download best paid android apps for free. Before knowing the ways to download best-paid apps for android, let's see the differences between premium and lite versions of an app. Lite version:   Monetized with ads.   Does not support all features.   Maybe a trial version which is for short … [Read more...]

How To Make Google My Homepage on Mac, iPhone, Android

Why Make Google as your homepage? Google search is the most popular among the search engines which are prevailing. Google homepage pretty clean with no idiotic advertisings which make most users to set it as Homepage. Most of them has their email(gmail) account and many more features given by Google. Google has the efficient algorithms which are the main reason most of them … [Read more...]

Keyboard Shortcuts for windows 7, 8, 10

Keyboard shortcuts for windows 7,8,10 :   Efficient usage keyboard shortcuts will you make you a professional of computer usage and that looks professional to others. Using mouse will always seem like a newbie who is just introduced to computer. So getting to know about keyboard shortcuts of windows of all versions is the best way. I have listed all the keyboard … [Read more...]