5 Awesome Apps for Indoor Cycling

Everyone knows that the bike riding is one of the best ways to lose weight. You do not always have a time to take your bike outside. It does not mean you can’t train indoors. So, in this article we are going to provide you the 5 apps which help you to get more out of your indoor cycling sessions:

1.The Sufferfest

When the stormy weather puts a restraint on your outdoor training, then Sufferfest could be one of the smoothest solutions for training inside. The Sufferfest app is available for Mac computers, iOS devices, and windows desktop platforms, it uses the real race footage from some of the worlds for most competitive courses to guide you through the brutal training procedure you can do on the bike trainer or indoor cycle. Currently, it offers 37 cycling workouts and the 20 yoga for cyclist videos, each of which can be streamed through your Wi-Fi service or downloaded and used it offline. You can connect your heart-rate monitor, power meter, or the smart trainer to get the more accurate metrics and coaching.


The PainCave is very much similar to The Sufferfest, but with the few bells and whistles. The Sufferfest, riders participate in virtual rides which include actual race footage for some of the world’s most important events. The footage is supplemented with the coaching by some of the best trainers and cyclists in the world helping guide you through each workout. They said platform has 20 total rides; it does not allow you to download the videos for offline use and does not have the technology which allows you to connect your bike trainer to the service for more accurate tracking.

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For the indoor cycling user, the CycleCast is pretty much plugging and play station for the home-based workouts. As long as you have the iPhones and CycleCast subscription, then all you need is access to the group of cycling bike to get started. The riders are guided through the each workout based on the rate of anticipated activity, the percentage of the max heart rate or rotation per minute, so even if don’t have the bike computer, cadence meter or heart-rate monitor, so you can still enjoy the ride. Simply select your instructor and ride time and get to work.


The Zwift is another which imparts the likenesses to The Sufferfest in that it enables you to for all intents and purposes take advantage of the cycling visits and courses from around the globe. The Zwift goes a step further by adding the social element to the experience. You are actually required to connect your bike trainer, heart rate monitor, power meter or the cadence sensor to the platform in order to ride.

5.Studio Sweat On-Demand

The Studio Sweat offers the different of streaming indoor cycling workouts along with the treadmill, boot camp, TRX and even jump on the rope workouts with some new routines added every week. You have the option to sign up for all the access which allows you to stream all their workouts or you can choose specific routines, and then download them to your computer for the online and offline use.


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