Udemy Courses Free Download To Pc

Introduction To UDEMY courses Free Download :

UDEMY website, the video encyclopedia of unlimited number of courses which are available for free and paid. Best thing is that we can get the quality content from the free courses of UDEMY. Most of the websites doesn’t provide the quality, if the videos or any tutorials are provided for free.
So, We can get the quality from free UDEMY videos. Just think about the quality which is present in the premium UDEMY courses free download. Is there a chance to download premium UDEMY lectures for free. Today we will focus on the topic “How to Download UDEMY Paid Courses For Free“.
UDEMY Courses free download To PC

Tools Required To  UDEMY Courses Free Download Videos:

  • Linkclump
  • FVD downloader or IDM integration module
  • UDEMY account
    1. Install Linkclump from google chrome store which is for free to download


  1. Also install FVD downloader or IDM integration Module which comes with IDM installation.
How To Use Linkclump to UDEMY Courses  Free Download:
Linkclump is used to open multiple URL’s which are present on a single page with a single click. After installing Linkclump, open any webpage and select some area with your mouse. Selecting is somewhat different from normal selection. Press and hold your mouse Right Button and drag it to cover links which you are interested in. If you just release the button, all links which are covered by dragging will be opened in a new tabs.
How to Use FVD downloader or IDM integration module to Udemy courses freedownload :
After installing the above mentioned plugins from the google chrome store. Just leave them aside.
When you open the link of a video


  • IDM: Floating option will be present on the video to download (shown in one of the screenshot below).
  • FVD downloader : Plugin icon will turn to blue, if a video is detected. Then click on that Blue FVD to download.

Procedure To Download Free or Premium UDEMY Courses Free Download :

As UDEMY updated its policies of premium video previews, we have to go through this process. As we have only 5 minutes for the preview to watch, we should finish our job in 5 minutes. Job doesn’t mean the downloads, it means download option should be clicked before 5 minutes either in IDM or FVD downloader.
Here’s a step by step procedure to download premium courses or Udemy courses free download:


    1. Login into your UDEMY account.


    1. Select your premium video course. (Be ready as you got only 5 minutes).


    1. Click to preview the course in which you will get access to all other videos


    1. Select all the video links of courses just by clicking right button and drag it to bottom of the screen.
      Sample screen shot for you.
      Orange dotted line indicates the dragged area, Red boxes indicates the links present in the dragged area and Clicking on IDM option will download your video.


    1. Now you get multiple tabs opened which are playing all the courses of your desired course.


  1. Click on FVD downloader or else IDM way of downloading.
That’s it you got the UDEMY courses free download.
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