How to download paid android apps for free

Want to know how to download best paid android apps for free. Before knowing the ways to download best-paid apps for android, let’s see the differences between premium and lite versions of an app.

Lite version:


    • Monetized with ads.


    • Does not support all features.


    • Maybe a trial version which is for short period.


    • Annoying ads which disturb in between usage.


    • Uses Data excessively because of ads.


    • Even the size of the app varies with the features.


  • Customer support will not be good for lite versions.

Premium version:


    • No, ads.


    • Premium features.


    • They also give you the developer license.


    • App size is less(consumes less RAM).


    • Lifetime support from the developers.


  • and many more..


3 ways to download paid android apps for free:


Whats Blackmart?

Blackmart is another android app which lets you download the best-paid android apps for free download.

How do they give you paid android apps for free download?

It’s just a platform for an individual who will upload an android app from his/her smartphone.

What do they get by this?

They have monetized the app with some kind of advertising. With this, they are able to support the app.

Is Blackmart available on Google Play Store?

No, it’s against google policies to download the premium android apps for free. So they have deleted the app.

Where can I get the Blackmart app?

Down below here’s the link to download Blackmart

2. 4shared

Yes, 4shared is file hosting service. But its also the best way to download best paid android apps free download. So how can you use 4shared to download the paid android apps? Follow the steps given below to download best paid android apps for free download.


    1. Goto Play store and select your desired android app.


    1. Note down the Android app name and its version exactly.


    1. Even note down the its size of the android app also.


    1. Login to 4shared website and search for the “android app name and version”.


    1. You will getting several apps to download.


    1. Don’t be in a hurry because most of them are injected with malicious things.


  1. Now check for the file size, if it matches with your previous play store app size. Download the app.

3.App of the day-100% free

App of the day offers every day with a new app. It gives an app everyday, but you cannot download, your interested app. You could download only the app which is provided the app maker. So mostly I would not recommend this option for most of my visitors.

Last words about best-paid android for free download:

I would preferably give you the option of Blackmart because


    • No need of PC to download.


    • Download directly to smartphone and install.


  • and many options compared to other ways.

Now it’s your choice to download the best-paid android apps to download for free

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