How To Make Google My Homepage on Mac, iPhone, Android

Why Make Google as your homepage?

Google search is the most popular among the search engines which are prevailing. Google homepage pretty clean with no idiotic advertisings which make most users to set it as Homepage. Most of them has their email(gmail) account and many more features given by Google. Google has the efficient algorithms which are the main reason most of them would like to keep it as the homepage. Google homepage gives you access to g+(social network), blogger, Gmail, Youtube, Maps, Google search, Play store, News, Google Drive, Docs, books and many more. All the features come with just with a single homepage (Google Homepage). So let’s peek into the topic “Make Google My Homepage“.

How To Make Google My Homepage Mac:

First let’s see How To Make Google My Homepage on Mac. Here’s list of steps to follow
  • Open your Safari browser and click on Safari in the top taskbar.
  • Among the available options click on “preferences”.
  • Now find Homepage option and fill it up with “”(without quotes).
  • For chrome browser click on 3 horizontal lines to the top right side.
  • Select settings from the drop down menu that appears.
  • Check for “On start up” and at the end of this startup there’s an option called “set pages”.
  • Click on set pages and enter “”.

How To Make Google My Homepage on iPhone 5, 6, iOS7 safari:

Here’s the best way to make google my homepage on iPhone all series. Get through these few steps to make google as the homepage on your smart devices to make it smarter.
  • Open settings in your iPhone.
  • Click on safari and check for the search engine option.
  • Now select Google as your search engine(adds google search bar).
  • To make google homepage on iPhone, visit
  •  Click on the bottom arrow and add to your home screen which will act as Google Homepage.

How To Make Google My Homepage on Android:

  • Open your browser in your android smartphone.
  • Open settings or preferences (varies with different browsers).
  • Click on General >> click on “set homepage”.
  • Now enter “” and press ok.

That’s it, you made google as your homepage.

Conclusion about “Make Google My Homepage“:

Hope you land on our website directly from Google search engine or Homepage rather than your default ones. Well stay tuned for more articles.

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